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  • iphone

    iPhone Application

    iOS has opened numerous doors for application developers by offering them to use this top quality mobile platform.

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  • android

    Android Application

    With the launch of Android technology, Google entered the battle and has captured half of the Smartphone and Tablet market.

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  • blackberry

    BlackBerry Application

    Growing use of BlackBerry amongst corporate and individual users makes it an ideal platform for enterprise applications.

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Why Choose Us

SocialJitney Inc. has pioneered the Mobile App development by turning thousands of App ideas into success. Our enriched industry experience and pool of 100+ veteran mobile developers and App marketers has made it possible for us to deliver success to entrepreneurs looking to generate revenue and businesses using apps as interactive marketing tool.

  • Rapid Development
  • After-launch Support
  • App Marketing
Social Jitney Inc. is capitalizing on the growing demand of tailored solutions for social and mobile platforms...
Top retailers and brands should be actively concerned about evolving their business model to account for better tracking on mobile and tablet devices...
Ali Khan, CTO of Social Jitney, presented to an audience of 100 today in South Africa outlining his efforts to champion the use of hybrid mobile applications to minimize....
Social Jitney's new venture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is focused on capturing a piece of UAE's mobile gaming revenue by launching family-friendly titles with in-app-purchases at the end of summer for iOS and Blackberry...

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Education

    Go mobile in the classroom with our enterprise applications.
  • Retail

    Stay relevant in today's economy with our retail solutions.
  • Finance

    Streamline your financial data with simple mobile solutions.
  • Travel

    Manage travel plans on the go with our mobile solutions.
  • Insurance

    Differentiate your services with our user-friendly applications.
  • Automotive

    Deliver compelling experiences to customers with our solutions.
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